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    quotable quote

    Michael Amante, proprietor of Dream Girls strip club, Kings Cross, in The Sydney Morning Herald, September 22, 2014   

    "When I'm here at 2.30am the streets are dead. Maybe it won't be a late night area any more. Maybe it won't be a red light district." 

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    What's on ... 

    Love Bites 
    Hayes Theatre till October 5
    19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point
    More information ...  

    Garden Life
    Richard Unsworth talks about his love of gardens
    Potts Point Bookshop
    14 Macleay St
    Thursday, September 25, 6.30pm 
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    Photo of the week 

    Wonderful sewing machine in the window of Elena Fashions and Alterations, 12 Macleay St, which the board of Macleay Regis insists should be removed!

    News snippets

    Police powers relating to drunk and disorderly conduct penalise Aborigines, youth, homeless and mentally ill ... Read on ... 

    Death of the Cross as we know it ... Read on ... 

    Son of Bada Bing strip club owner jailed for bashing a patron ... Read on ... 

    A prescription for corruption. NSW government backs Shooters Bill giving two votes to businesses in City of Sydney elections ... Read on ... 

    CWA's Potts Point property sold to overseas buyer for $18 million - $5 million more than expected ... Read on ... 


    Dinner with Louis

    Louis Nowra at Kings Cross Festival curtain-raiser ... The forces at play that have brought innumerable changes to the Cross ... Potts Point Partnership planning the program ... Gina Machado reports 

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    The Kings Cross Knit Wits

    Morning tea with the Kings Cross Knit Wits

    Gina Machado meets a group of women knitting to help the less fortunate ... Needles and yarns working to create warming Wraps with Love 

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    Hayes Theatre alive with musical hits

    Updated on September 3, 2014 by Registered CommenterRichard for 2011

    "A little imposing and a lot drab" - Hayes Theatre Co's headquarters on Greenknowe Ave.Hayes Theatre Company are going from strength to strength ... Three wins at the Helpmann awards ... Cheap tickets for 2011 residents ... And a ghost? ... Gina Machado reports 

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    Sharing and caring

    Potts Point resident and frequent GoGet user DAWN HILLIER

    Why own a car when you can hire one from the street? ... Car sharing now a part of the local lifestyle ... Over 2,300 users in 2011 alone ... And a new car share scheme on the way ... Gina Machado reports 

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