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    Email from brothel litigant Hugh Bond to his advisor following settlement of the Golden Apple ownership dispute. The Sun-Herald, June 1, 2014  ...  

    "pls CALL me urgent. Your [sic] not stealing my last money. Because hell will rain down and God will make you suffer really bad." 

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    Tapestries by Michelle Hamer - textile artist 
    Where: Galleria Vicino at the Yellow House, 57-59 Macleay St, Potts Point
    When: July 1 - July 27, 2014  
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    Fountain Pharmacy's new home

    The pharmaceuticals industry is changing and it's not good news for small independent pharmacies...Anita Senaratna reports.

    After over 70 years in the neighbourhood, Fountain Pharmacy has shut up shop at their Macleay Sreet premises.  They haven’t gone far, though- they’ve just moved across the road and rebranded as Priceline.

    “It was not an easy decision to move it because it had been there for so long,” said owner Edward Tanzil, who took over the pharmacy in 2011.

    Tanzil said that external factors such as price disclosure, the growth of online and discount pharmacies and more generic medication hitting the market as patents expire were changing the face of the pharmaceuticals industry and making it difficult to continue operating as an independent pharmacy.

    They've been in the same premises since 1945, but owner Edward Tanzil decided it was time for a change.

    “It wasn’t that we weren’t doing well... even though we were growing in that small space, I could see in the horizon things that will have a further impact to pharmacies. I figured that if I wanted to continue and still be relevant, I had to make a change,” he said.

    “[Priceline are] a wonderful group- they’re Australian, they understand women, they’re really good for our profession because they offer this value, they offer a range and yet they don’t sacrifice professionalism or service.”

    It’s still business as usual for Tanzil and his team, though. The store opened on July 3 and so far, they’ve been doing well.

    “I know that people are going to be getting that value and they’re going to be getting the same service that they had before because it’s still me and my team,” he said.

    “People in this community don’t like faceless men or big corporations; they like to be able to support local business owners. I’ve always thought that if you’re passionate about something and you’re good at it then you will be successful.”

    More details about the challenges facing pharmacies can be found in the Pharmaceutical Guild of Australia's pre-budget submission.



    Shopfront law 

    Inner City Legal Centre: community law

    Darlinghurst Road's Inner City Legal Centre provides legal help for the underprivileged ... Law on a human scale ... Small staff, lots of pro bono volunteers ... Bold initiatives ... Jackie Keast reporting 

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    Fratelli Paradiso loses footpath dining application 

    Restrictions on outdoor dining for Fratelli Paradiso ... Strange policy inconsistencies in Challis Ave's late night wining and dining ... Rights of appeal restricted ... Bureaucratic complications 

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    Bayswater Road's public transport trial

    Bayswater Road for taxis and buses only (pic: Daily Telegraph)

    Bayswater Road closure ... Trial spread over three Saturday nights ... Safe hub for public transport ... Aim is to reduce violence ... Taxi Council on board ... The link between crowded streets and anti-social behaviour ... Anita Senaratna reports 

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    Hans Nowak - resident park creator

    Latest in our series on local heros ... Vic Potts and photographer Anthony Browell discover Hans Nowak's work landscaping Australia's shortest nature trail at Beare Park 

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    Buns n Balls upstumps

    Music and meatballs strike the wrong note with liquor authorities ... The "knock-on" effect from new alcohol restrictions ... Buns n Balls leaves Kings Cross and heads for the beach ... Anita Senaratna reports 

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    Grub's off

    Surely there are licensing issues when glitzy establishments switch-off the ovens while continuing to serve drinks? ... Late night nourishment underwhelming in Sydney's "entertainment precinct" ... Nosher prowls for a hamburger  

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